Manage and Track the test scores. This is an Education Utility application that the teachers can use to add and track the results of tests for their classes, subjects, and test types such as Unit tests and Final Exams. 
Add Marks of Students from a Calculator-like interface quickly and get insights into how the class performed for each test.  💯

How can Examarks Help?

Examarks is a test score tracking and management application. The assessors can add marks of the tests by candidates in the application. These marks can be edited in future and can be accessed from calendar.


Google Sheets

All the data you add is yours. It is stored in your google sheets so you would never lose access to the marks.


Score Analytics

Find out the average results of the students from the Examarks.



View and analysis results from graph.


Instant Emails of Marks Sheet

As soon as the assessor finishes entering scores for a test, an email of all scores with student names is sent.


Manage Subjects & Classes

Add Subjects and Classes for differentiating tests and students.


All Tests & Exams

Create types of tests such as Unit Test, Mid-Term Test, Preliminary Exam, Final Exam, etc.

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